The Independent Democratic Conference

You think you're voting for Progressive Democrats, but you're actually voting for Republicans.

What is the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and why should I care?

What is the problem?

When you open up the list of State Senators in New York, you'll notice there's a Democratic majority. Then you ask yourself, why are progressive policies so hard to pass? Here's why. The Republicans effectively have a majority in the State Senate, even though more Democrats have been elected to that office.

How does that work?

While the Republicans are working together, caucusing with each other, and cosponsoring legislation, there are eight rogue Democrats who call themselves the IDC. The IDC votes along Republican party lines even though they were elected as Democrats, against what their constituents elected them as.

Why would these Democrats turn their backs on their constituents and their voters?



Who's in the IDC and why should I care?

Recognize anyone?

That's Jose Peralta, the New York State Senator from District 13. In 2010, he was elected in a Special Election on a progressive platform with support from hundreds of grassroots supporters and volunteers. Now he caucuses with Republicans.

Why does this matter so much?

Five days after Trump was inaugurated, Peralta announced his decision to join the IDC. Democrats throughout the nation are unifying and coming together under one progressive agenda to fight the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress, yet we have a State Senator breaking with his voters and the principles he was elected upon. It's absolutely essential that we elect a real progressive this year.

As Democrats across the nation come together to fight the Trump administration and the Republican controlled Congress, Peralta joined the Republicans.

Elect a real progressive!


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