Protecting our Residents through Remediation and Prevention.

Protecting the Community

The environment is one of the biggest issues effecting all of us, and unlike the others in Albany, we're ready to fight for it.

Pressure the MTA to change the lead coated paint on the 7 line

Lead is literally raining down from the elevated tracks on the 7 line. The lead in the paint is 224,000 parts per million, 44 times the safe amount according to the Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Lead is extremely dangerous and damaging for the community, especially in such a densely populated area. This issue needs to be resolved immediately.

Stop Oil #4 Usage at Local Power Plants

Oil #4 has been shown to be severely detrimental to air quality in the community. Currently, Oil #4 is set to be phased out by 2030, but we will support legislation to phase it out by 2025. We have to ensure that the local power plants are not detrimental to the air quality of our district.

Bring Composting to District 13

The New York City Sanitation Department aims to bring curbside compost collection by the end of 2018. Let’s make sure that gets done. It’ll be great for local farmers, the community, and the environment alike.

Support the Plastic Bag Tax

The amount of money spent on producing, and disposing of plastic bags is substantial. It doesn't make logical sense to avoid disincentivizing the use of plastic bags which fail to be financially viable for the state and works to destroy the environment. We will support the Plastic Bag Tax to ensure that we’re are supporting initiatives that increase financial viability and stabilize the environment.

Commission a task force to install bike racks in residential neighborhoods

It’s important that we promote the usage of bicycles in areas without subway stations. The bike racks will provide people with a secure place to leave their bikes, while promoting a healthy environment.

Promote and develop safe Bike Lanes

We aim to develop bike lanes on streets that see little vehicular traffic, insuring the drivers are not substantially disturbed by bikes. Furthermore, we aim to develop bike lanes in areas that are not serviced well by train stations or mass transit, ensuring people have an environmentally sound alternative to transit.


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