Housing Issues

Affordable means Affordable.


Area Median Income (AMI) for New York City


Area Median Income (AMI) for Queens

Affordable housing units are supposed to be affordable, but they aren't. This is because per city regulation, affordable housing units are priced based on New York City median income. Because of this, we support Michael Gianaris' bill, which aims to calculate AMI from a specific zip code that a project is located in.

Ensuring Taxpayer Dollars are Well Spent

Our taxpayer money essentially pays for the tax breaks developers receive when they provide affordable housing units. We should be ensuring that when we spend our money, the units that are affordable are actually affordable. Otherwise, we’re wasting our money, and not helping the people who need the units the most.

Helping Families Who Need it Most

Many times, affordable housing units are not priced at an affordable rate due to the region based calculation of AMI. It’s essential that we make this change to ensure that the affordable housing units we support are actually affordable for the families who need the support the most.


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