Issues That Matter

Real progressive positions on issues that matter and affect your daily life. Elect someone who will stick to their word.

Senior Issues

Nursing homes and acute care facilities should be required to have safe nurse-to-patient ratios and minimum staffing requirements to ensure the well-being of our senior citizens and our community.

Affordable Housing

Including the entire city and outer suburban counties in pricing affordable housing units provides inaccurate data that fails to represent the community, increasing costs for those that need it most.

Safe Streets

We will implement the Cure Violence model through local community organizations to decrease violence within our communities without having to increase the amount of police officers and foot patrol.

Child Victims Act

On average, it takes 21 years for a victim of sexual child abuse to speak freely about their traumatizing experiences. The Statute of Limitations should not protect criminals who abuse innocent children.


Protecting undocumented immigrants from the Trump Administration and keeping families together, while providing robust legal services and consultation is essential.

Single Payer Health Care

New York should be at the forefront of the progressive movement. Let's get Single Payer Health Care passed in New York State and show the nation how well it works.


Providing educational support to teachers, increasing student voice, increasing diversity, and desegregating schools are the keys to a stronger education system in Queens and New York.

Support Staff

Increase funding to provide more guidance counselors per student at the K-6 level to ensure students have the support they need to do well in school.

Increasing Diversity

Increase diversity at Specialized High Schools through awareness campaigns and decrease expenditures on expensive and unsuccessful Preparatory programs.

Increasing Student Voice

Give two students a vote on the Panel for Educational Policy.

Desegregating Schools in NY

Launch a pilot program designed to desegregate public schools.

100% Pro-Environment

We're 100% Pro-Environment. Other politicians might claim it, but check their voting record. No one supports the environment the way we do.

Plastic Bag Tax

Plastic bags are detrimental to the environment, and cause a financial strain on the state. New Yorker's need to stand together against plastic bags.

Stop Oil #4 Usage

Oil #4 has been shown to be severely detrimental to air quality in the community. We have to ensure that the local power plants are not detrimental to the air quality of our district.

Bike Racks

Commission a task force to install bike racks in residential neighborhoods. It’s important that we promote the usage of bicycles in areas without subway stations.

7 Train Lead Removal

Lead is literally raining down from the elevated tracks on the 7 line. The lead in the paint is 44 times the safe amount according to the Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

Composting in Queens

The New York City Sanitation Department aims to bring curbside compost collection by the end of 2018. Let’s make sure that get’s done. It’ll be great for local farmers, the community, and the environment alike.

Bike Lanes

We aim to develop bike lanes on streets that see little vehicular traffic, insuring the drivers are not disturbed by bikes. Furthermore, we aim to develop bike lanes in areas that are not serviced well by mass transit.


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